Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hansen Family Christmas photo 2008

We haven’t done a family photo in years and now I remember why. On Friday we all went to Columbia tech center to take our first family photo with Auri here are just a few things that happened,
- Warren threw a fit about not being able to wear his Mario Wii shirt
-We couldn’t find white socks for Auri and she kept taking off the ones she did have on
-Warren and Max were fighting in the car on the way there, both had tears in there eyes when we arrived
- It was after 3 in the afternoon (dark lighting, I knew the flash would come on and make us all pasty white)
- It was drizzling all day, everything was wet. By the end of the photo shoot my hair is a frizz ball.
- Warren fell in the pond, surprising, I thought Max would.
- We couldn’t get all the kids to look at Becky at the same time. Auri was more interested in the passing cars. She doesn’t get out much.
All in all this was the best photo. Thanks Becky Louder for taking them and making us look semi happy and cute.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little doll

This was taken Sunday afternoon. I think she looks like a little doll sitting on her dresser next to her bear. I set her up there so I could change her sheets, she really liked it.

The Ring(s)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday #32, but who's counting

On Tuesday my friends took me to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was so much fun. There was pop music playing a sports theme in the restaurant and 14 different sauces to go on wings. And Amy cooper made the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever had in my life and she brought along a cooler with vanilla ice cream in it. What a blast.

Even though my 32nd birthday was no milestone, it was still one of my favorite birthdays and one of my most celebrated. On Monday my parents and I went out to lunch with our long time family friends the Kilgores. It was good to catch up and the food at On the Boarder was also pretty good, not as good as the company however.
On Monday night my sister Holly and her husband and kids came up and we all went out to dinner. It was fun to watch Papa open his presents that the kids had picked out for him. My parents got me a mat cutter, so now I can start framing a lot more of Warren's art work and the kids photos. Holly got me a much needed top and a beautiful ornament.

On Tuesday night the kids gave me there gifts. Spencer took them shopping to pick out 5 things they wanted to get for me, I love what they came up with. I got lots of cotton candy and gumballs, a pumpkin, a feather duster, pencils and erasers and a few ornaments. And Spencer got me a new anniversary band with diamonds and sapphires. What a great birthday.

We were laughing so hard when this photo was taken because you can see the determination of Auri to get some cotton candy.

I love how Warren is looking at me in this photo.
He is so eager to see if I like my pencils that he picked out for me.