Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is why I don't want an ipad

This is why I don't want an ipad. See my book below, that is what most of my books look like, well the good ones at least.

This week Amy and I have been researching a topic for our podcast called, "Should the Bible be taught in public schools?" Upon reading the papers for the podcast I continually come across data to suggest the Bible isn't true because you can't prove it happened. There isn't enough "artifactual"(I just made that word up) evidence to sugest that the stories in it are true and not just some made up mythical fiction. One of the articles says "scholars admit that there is no proof whatsoever that the Exodus took place" and "they didn't find a single peice of evidence backing the Isrealites' supposed 40 year sojourn in he desert."

So I kept thinking about this, what on earth, in terms of artifacts, would prove that I ever exhisted 6,000 years from now? I can' think of anything. But I think this is a small reason that I write in EVERYTHING! I want to preserve my thoughts on paper. I want my Grandaughters to see what I thought about a person, book, or recipe.

So ipad, can you do that!?!?! Can you preserve me, can I write in your margins, can I highlight, can I doggy ear your pages for when I have lunch with Heidi? Can you ipad, can you! That's what I thought.

Today I made cookies from a recipe I got from one of my favorite blogs

I loved the recipe, and I wrote in the margins, as I do on all my good recipe's. Here are some before and after photos.

Before-going into the oven.


This is the blessed cookbook that my Mother-in-Law got me for Christmas 4 years ago. It is actually a binder complete with all my husbands favorite family recipes, talk about a thoughtful gift. With it, she also gave me some extra plastic holders for recipes that I add. I use it all the time.

Mama Nirvana's cookie recipe with my writings.

When Kiran was visiting almost 3 years ago, she wanted to make me meetballs, so she called her friend Kristen to get the recipe and I handed her the first blank peice of paper in sight, which happened to be a phone bill. But I like Kiran's handwriting, so I'll never change this or type it up to alter it. I may at a future date add a photo.

More writing for Ghost cupcakes for Halloween.

P.S. I also date EVERYTHING! Check the back of almost any photo in my house, it will have a date on it.

P.P.S. Thanks for the cookie recipe Amy, and thanks for the idea for the blog post. The cookies were AMAZING!


Mama Nirvana said...

Wow! Flattery will get you everywhere...

The name alone is enough to keep me far away from an Ipad. Seriously, I know I will be one of those old ladies that will have no idea how to use the current technology.


jwise said...

Okay, that is totally me!!! I thought *I* wrote a lot, but you write even more than I do!! :) I totally agree with you about leaving your mark, and making a book your own when you read it. I agree 100%!! Awesome post! :)

Kiran said...

Hillary I was honestly speechless when I read this post last night. I have been thinking about it all day and what I could say that would add to this profound piece of work:


I agreed with my whole heart. I wish I had a beautiful painting to go with it.

Becky said...

Love, love, love this post.

JAG said...

Loved your post and your new background for your blog! You are so very creative. You should be a writer.....

I will be a painter...not so much for words.

Kiran said...

your blog is so pretty, I need to hire your skills to spruce mine up a bit.