Monday, January 16, 2012

Warren turned 9

I have been a Mom for 9 years.

I haven't slept in for 9 years(well the meaning of sleeping in changed from 11am to 8:30)

I haven't had a job in 9 years.

I went from being a mother of 1 to a family of 5 in 9 years.

I haven't gone to bed without worrying about the eternal welfare of a soul in 9 years.

I can honestly say I have loved being Warren's Mom. He is easy, rational, unemotional, smart, stalwart, diligent, and thoughtful. Over the Christmas break I went on long walks with him, he on his bike and me walking. I thought he would ride up ahead of me, and he did some of the time, but for much of the time he just wanted to stay by my side and talk to me. I loved these moments with him, so much that when it was the first day of school and my alarm went off, I had a moment of sadness. I thought how can I send my boy off into the loan and dreary world, I'm not done with him, I haven't taught him everything yet. But I got over it when the kids did get off and my house was clean for 8 consecutive hours:)

Happy Birthday to my dear beloved son Warren, I can't wait to see what you are like 9 years from now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

change of scenery

I come to my blog every day to look and see who has updated their blogs and I got tired of looking at the same old Christmas photos and video title, so I am adding new photos that I like. There is no meaning or relevance, I just like the photos and I like to check blogs a lot.