Monday, February 20, 2012

List of Loves

Been feelin a little discouraged about my life lately. You know how you grow up always thinking you were so special and then there is a moment you find out you are just like everyone else, yea, it's kinda like that.... So I thought I'd make a list of the things I LOVE.

I Love MAX, he took this picture

I love cupcakes and the perfect cupcake to frosting ratio

I love a good nap

I love my daughter
I love my husband

I love when the mail comes

I love my iPod

Love my iPad

Love getting a See's candy with Auri and a sucker for later

I Love Wednesday nights

I Love learning

I Love a good teacher

I Love the SUN

I Love a good Mom

I love my Mom

I love my imaginary blogger friends

I love walks with Warren

I love my Dad

I love real friends

I LOVE Authenticity

I love a good sentense

I love a great photo, old or new

I love my sisters

I love when I remember something from my childhood that I haven't thought of in years

I love getting rid of stuff

I love it when I haven't heard my own voice in 3 or more hours

I love my brothers

I love a new song on my iPod

I love that Spencer will always turn my light off and get me a glass of water when I'm too cold to do either

I love going out to lunch

I love getting into bed when my sheets have just been washed

I love when I have a busy full day

I love when I have an empty quiet day to play with Auri

I love the quiet early morning hours prior to 7am

Monday, February 13, 2012

But what do you do all day long???

When I was in college I was visiting with some old friends and I asked one of the friend's Moms, who's kids were all in high school or above, what she did all day long. She looked at me as if I had just asked her who she killed earlier that day. But I still don't get it and I often think to myself what am I doing wrong because I have a ton of free time and I am bored to tears.

My oldest is in 3rd grade and my youngest goes to pre-school 2 days a week for 3 hours.

My day goes like this:

5:45- wake-gym

7:30- home, breakfast, beds made, rooms cleaned, lunches made, kids off on the bus

8:30- clean kitchen, do a load of laundry if needs be.



12:00-getting pretty bored and cabin fever, I wonder what's new at ULTA or if I
need a See's candy from the mall.

2:00 - return from shopping grab mail.

2:30 -clean randomness from house put Auri down if she wants a nap.

3:00-read mail until boys come home

4:00-boys come home hang out with me have a snack go to a sport.

5:30-6-dinner, homework

rest of the night.....................................................
kinda bored.

So lately I have really wanted a job. I have applied 2 places, only heard back from 1. But I am not done with this endeavor, just beginning actually, because when my daughter is in pre-school or even kindergarten I don't know what I'll do with myself all day long, seriously, what am I doing wrong.

Auri took this one of me in the afternoon reading my mail.

And these are my new work clothes!!!

Well, I don't have a job yet, so lets call them my interview clothes:)

I have since bought many accessories too;)

All I need now is a job.