Monday, June 18, 2012

The Last Day of School

 The last day of school was a special time for me when I was a kid. We would get off the bus and run home and my Mom would usually have a nice treat waiting at home for us. I wanted to make it special for my kids too. I got them water guns, Popsicles, and I got a new bike for Max and NCAA 12 for XBox Warren.  I would have waited for Max's birthday to get him a new bike, but his birthday is in August, and he can't go a whole summer without a good bike. So I think it was a pretty good day for them.  
 This summer I have them signed up for a few camps, swim lessons, and library days.  Every day they are to clean their room, the play room and the bathroom then read for a half an hour before they can play.  We take lots of trips to the library.  Auri loves it.  She has her own library card and she usually checks out about 9-10 books.

 This is what Max came home to on Friday. He was one happy boy.

 Max trying out the new bike.
My kids getting off the bus on the last day of school. I wish we had some trips planned.  I am just hoping to make it down to Phoenix to visit my sister Kiran before summer ends.

Happy Summer!