Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to wear....

Spencer got accepted into 2 of the best executive MBA schools in the country which is amazing, I don't think I have ever been more happy for him and proud of him. They have currently been sending him things and inviting him to events which is also so exciting, and for me, all I can think about is... I have got to get my hair done and what am I going to wear..... Wharton sent us chocolates and offered him a free iPad upon accepting, so they have my vote;)
Which dress says, "I'm almost as smart as my husband, (well, I'm magazine smart and radio pretty) but when I'm not around -ladies stay away from him!"

For some reason, this dress makes me look "hippy" and I don't even think I have big hips but I love the dress.
by the way, my dear friend Rachael Drake loaned me all the dresses, thanks Rach!


Nathan and Sarah said...

Congratulations! That is amazing. So as far as your dress goes, I am no help because they all look great. One thing I absolutely love about you is that your brilliance shines through. When people meet you they know you are insanely smart. Good luck!

JAG said...

I vote #3!!!

And please you are not radio pretty.... you are the real deal pretty :)

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

Hey - In my family we call what you look like "ruffa" - translation, hot mamma! You look "booby" in all of them - I need a water bra...and some tissues! I vote for #1 or #3.

Kiran said...

#3 or #1! you look incredible! lucky we have the same gene pool so I have something to shoot for! I like stong feelings so while Im at it I will just say. Red is not one of my colors. I dont own a single red thing.
I am so excited for you!

jww said...

Wow, congrats to Spencer! That is awesome. I like black, so I choose #1 or #3. You look great in both.