Thursday, August 26, 2010

Break something Everyday

That was what my Dad used to say to us kids when we were little. My Grandparents used to call us the wrecking crue. I didn't get it until I had my own kids. Now I TOTALLY get it. But this week I fixed almost everything that was broken for the bargain price of $2.99!!!! This summer my kids broke my necklace, my Nikon, and the new Nintendo DS that we bought. Auri broke the necklace while playing with it, there were beads everywhere, my bad, I know I shouldn't have let her near it, but she was eyeing it all day and it was so cheap, how could I deny her that little joy. I went to the Craft Store and bought a new strand for $2.99. Not bad.

Max broke his DS, I have no idea how, but I got online and figured out how to ship it back with a pre-paid shipping label, it will be fixed under warranty.

I think the kids broke my camera, not sure, could have been me, but I took it into a camera store and had them give me an estimate, they just re-adjusted the lens, and now it works!

This, however, is all new. This is today's mess and I have no idea how to get this out of the carpet.

I'm glad it's in my office and not in the living room, and below is Auri's look of shame. I didn't even get that mad at her, she was just trying to paint her nails red, I can appreciate that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Number 1 on my summer list of thigs to do, Attend an outdoor concert

Yea, not gonna happen, but guss who did!!!! My two besties! Holly and Kiran. Kiran flew up for the Lady Gaga concert and they both went. They said they had a great time, Ms. Gaga knows how to put on a concert. Maybe next summer I'll plan a little better and I can check this one off. This is what happens when you let your 5 year old take the photos.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Number 7, The Rasberry Festival, Check.

I completed number 7 on my Summer things to do list, which was attend a food festival. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I am counting it. I wanted to go to the Portland Food Festival, but we were in Utah that weekend so when my in-laws told me they had rented a boat on Bear Lake and the Raspberry Festival was the same day I was delighted. Here are the highlights. We stopped for lunch before the boat ride.

We went to the Raspberry Festival afterwards.

Max took these lovely photos.

Who knew Utah had white sand beaches.

Summer List Update

My Pretzel Making didn't go as well as I had planned. They looked prettier on the website and I really need a pastry brush from Williams Sonoma but I never get one because I always say I don't need one, I'll never use it, and there are so many other things I'd rather have for $24 like a new shirt, 2 items at ULTA or a lunch date with friends, but I have needed a pastry brush at least 5 times this summer. Anyways, that wasn't my biggest problem, I think the rolling process was (I hate to roll pastry dough by hand, as you can see by the fact the all the pretzels are different sizes) and the boiling process was. Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck with the Molasses bread.

But the Portland Art Museum was wonderful. Although to be honest, you don't realize how many nude people are painted in a museum until you go through it with your 5 year old niece. The Genesis exhibit was interesting. The Illustrator "Crumb" wrote out the whole text of Genesis like a comic book and illustrated it. It was a bit irreverent and offensive, but interesting to see his take on the events. He said he was an atheist but there is probably no book of fiction better written than the book of Genesis, it is an amazing work of plots characters, stories, messages and themes so I see why he choose that particular book to do his "comic book".

I'm glad I went, I'm glad it was on my list others wise I wouldn't have gone. I think I will make it an annual thing, every July I will go to the Portland Art Museum.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Summer Top 10 List of Things to Do

I started reading a blog called Cupcakes and Cashmere this year and it's author posted her summer list of things to do, they all sounded so glamorous and cool, so I thought I'd make a list and have Becky L make me accountable. So here is my 10 Ten List. Oh how I love a good list!

1. Attend an outdoor Concert (still working on this one, still looking for a concert I want to attend, how I wish I would have gotten tickets to Lady Gaga. outdoor or not)

2. Take the kids to a theme Park. (check)

Natallia's in Downtown Camas.

3. Have Brunch in Camus with friends (check)

4. No Doctors appointments in August (if you don't count the Coumadin clinic, than check)

5. Make a Summer Play List (check, and if you want a copy, let me know, but most of the songs come from So you Think You Can Dance, thank you Alex Wong.)

6. Read a book on Marriage (Check, read Covenant Hearts by Bruce C. Hafen 4 out of 4 Stars)
7. Attend a food festival. (Check, I went to the raspberry festival in Utah near Bear Lake, I wanted to attend the Portland Food Festival, but we were in Utah)

8. Make homemade soft pretzels and molasses bread. (half a check, I made the pretzels, not the bread, I'll do it this week)

9. Go to Seattle with Spence. (not sure I will be able to do this one)

10. Visit OMSI Museum to see T-Rex with kids, go to Portland Art Museum with Holly, Mom and Avery to see Genesis exhibit. (half a check, I'll go to Omsi later this week)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Becky L

My friends are always saying " I'm not cool enough to pull off aviator shades" Well, this concerns me a little since I have been wearing them for about 4 years. So I decided to take photos of myself to see what I actually looked like in them and see if I could pull them off, and don't mind if I do say so myself, but YES, I think I can. So Happy Birthday Becky L, I got you aviator shades for your, and YES you are cool enough to pull them off.

Last week, Becky and I were having brunch together and she shocked the heck out of me (an emotion I genuinely enjoy). I was commenting on how tattoos are getting bigger, longer, and generally uglier and she replied by saying "I kind of like them" I about fell out of the booth. So I decided to get a henna tattoo in honor of Becky L for her birthday, but it faded quickly so I got another one. I let Warren pick out the design, hence the spider.

Happy 36th Birthday Becky L. Let's never get matching tattoo's!


We took Max to Lagoon and it's adjoining water park Lagoon-a-Beach for his 5th birthday, I generally don't like to keep track of how much fun things cost for my kids birthdays but this was hard to ignore. We still had a great time but I hope he likes a homemade cake and a pinata full of tootsie rolls because that's all I'll be able to afford next year.

3 adults 42.95 = $128.85
2 kids 37.95 = $75.95
(we did have a 30.00 coupon)
Lockers =$10
Pool Locker =$5
Lunch =$20
Cotton Candy $3. 95
Churro =$3.95
Icee 3 @ $5 =$15
Henna tattoo =$7
Games 4 @ $5 =$20
Parking = $10

Max's Birthday Party when we got back to his Grandparents house.

His Transformers cake.