Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking Auri

This is Spence, Max and I trying to get Auri to walk, but with no luck. Maybe we should get her to crawl first, although none of my kids have ever learned to crawl (and yes, they can all speak fine). I love how she just dives into Spencer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

At Will's

This is Kiran, Maggie and Will at their apartment. The day after Christmas I drove down to Salt Lake from Logan to visit them, we went out to dinner, shopped, and then hung out at Will's until 1am listening to music and watching clips of SNL and Chapelle Show on Wills computer. My new sister in law is so cool!


I wonder if this is any indication of what my children will be like when they are teenagers. These are my kids bowling....

This is Max bowling with his head. That is what I like about Max, always thinking outside the box, never conventional.
Here he is bowling with his one little finger.

This is Warren throwing the ball as hard as he can down the lane. He was so determined to win, and he was really upset when he didn't, but seriously, do I really want my kid to be good at bowling?, well ok. good maybe, but not great. It took him about a half an hour to calm down from loosing.

Warren got a Wii and after we didn't see him much after he opened his games. This is his uncle Carter helping him put together his nock'um sock'um robots.

Max had a robot Christmas. I think he got 8 robots.