Friday, September 26, 2008

Heart Surgery

Auri and Clair wore the same outfit to the party
A party at our house the night before the surgery, about 20 adults and 15 kids, it was crazy, loud, and completely awesome!
Some of the desserts served
Auri wearing her new ring that My Mom bought her. I want a matching one.
Almost 5am September 15th getting ready to go to St. Vincent's Hospital, Spencer and I joking the whole way that we should really keep driving and go to Mexico.Auri woke up to say good bye to me

My ever watchful sisiter Holly, making jokes about how good I look with all the tubes.

The Best Mom on the whole wide world!!!! She went with us to the hospital at 4:45am and stayed with Spence all through the surgery

One last photo of me with no massive scar!

In the ICU right after surgery. You can't tell, but I am screaming inside for them to take out this breathing tube!!!!!

The things they had me doing every day in the hospital

A day after surgery, believe it or not, I look better than I actually feel. And as you can see I am so eager to eat the hospital food.


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish you for your good health and quick recovery. God bless you.


Meg Asay said...

I love that you had a party! You rock woman.

The Nates said...

I am so glad you are home and done with the surgery. Thanks for posting the pictures!


JAG said...

Who is brittney spears??? ps i think your doctor should use your pictures for the 'HEART SURGURY' broshures...(sp?) You totally made this look simple!! I only wish I would have taken a pic of your red painted toes!! love you! - H

Ily said...

wow Hillary. You are awesome to have posted about that. To think you are my NEIGHBOR and I didn't know how you had a serious heart problem... I guess being in primary keeps you out of the loop! You are a trooper and I am so inspired by you. As for your hair that you said you are tired of in a later post, I would go for dark color instead of blond and see if that spices your life up a ton.