Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Forever 21-33

I spend entirely too much of my time and money at both Target and Walmart. I am sad to say that much of the top half of my wardrobe comes from Target, so I am delighted to say that on Saturday I got to the mall and I got some new tops from Forever 21. I can tell I am too old to shop there by the simple fact that the whole time I am in there all I can think about is how loud the music is, how short the shorts are and how white the pants are, seriously, who can pull off white skinny jeans, they shouldn't even make them in larger than a size 2. But anyways, the prices are delightfully similar to Walmart and Target tops. So I got 2 new ones for $8.00 each. Yea me.
The quality of my photos is diminishing because my good camera is broken. My Nikon lens won't auto-focus, so if anyone knows a good place to take it, please let me know.

I have to be honest for the first time, I actually saw a need or use for
gladiator shoes with this outfit.

Kind of boring, but still, it's not Target again.


JAG said...

Love both of them. Love that they are not from Target. I get Target burn out too!

PS - I just bought a grey and white stripped shirt too!

Mark and Karen said...

Warning: Their clothes don't wash well. That's my experience anyway.

Both shirts are definitely cute but the room...delish!

Kiran said...

May I be so bold as to say: you look bangin' in these shots Hill! Kudos to you!

jww said...

Great finds. I get lots of stuff from Target, Walmart, & Kohl's. I remember having the same experience at The Gap--I used to shop there all the time (as a young & skinny person), so I decided to give it a try after I'd had a kid or two, and even though they used to be my favorite jeans, I came to the conclusion that I'm just too old to shop there because my butt needs bigger pockets than Gap jeans! ha