Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Day of the Year

The older I get I think the more tolerant and respectful I get of other people's life choices. I try anyways. But the one I still can't wrap my brain around is those tough women who choose to home-school their kids after a long long summer. I absolutely respect their choice to do so, I just don't get it because the first day of school is the best day of the year for me!
After my kids got on the bus I hung out with Spence, took a nap, read my book, and went out to lunch with my Mom and all I could think about was I get to do this again and again for the next 9 months!


jww said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I, too, am not a home-school mom. I am always amazed and impressed that anyone can do that. I never could. I had to do it once (long story) for one month when my oldest was in kindergarten, and I just about killed us both. (Even though "school" was only like an hour and a half a day.) I can't believe Auri is old enough for preschool. It's great when they ALL leave. Very, very cool!!

Apt. #34 said...

thank so much for the sweet comment on Apartment 34 today!

Shirli said...

Life is good! Every one in their appointed places at the appointed time, with their shinning faces and great expectations. Keep doing what you are doing...It's working. Your Fan , MOM