Monday, February 20, 2012

List of Loves

Been feelin a little discouraged about my life lately. You know how you grow up always thinking you were so special and then there is a moment you find out you are just like everyone else, yea, it's kinda like that.... So I thought I'd make a list of the things I LOVE.

I Love MAX, he took this picture

I love cupcakes and the perfect cupcake to frosting ratio

I love a good nap

I love my daughter
I love my husband

I love when the mail comes

I love my iPod

Love my iPad

Love getting a See's candy with Auri and a sucker for later

I Love Wednesday nights

I Love learning

I Love a good teacher

I Love the SUN

I Love a good Mom

I love my Mom

I love my imaginary blogger friends

I love walks with Warren

I love my Dad

I love real friends

I LOVE Authenticity

I love a good sentense

I love a great photo, old or new

I love my sisters

I love when I remember something from my childhood that I haven't thought of in years

I love getting rid of stuff

I love it when I haven't heard my own voice in 3 or more hours

I love my brothers

I love a new song on my iPod

I love that Spencer will always turn my light off and get me a glass of water when I'm too cold to do either

I love going out to lunch

I love getting into bed when my sheets have just been washed

I love when I have a busy full day

I love when I have an empty quiet day to play with Auri

I love the quiet early morning hours prior to 7am


JAG said...

i love my sisters! i also love naps....depending on the day, it may not be in that order! :) jk.

loved ur list.

i have not quite come to the conclusion that i am not more special than everyone else either!

jww said...

I know what you mean--I have come to the conclusion that I'm not that special, either. It's a hard realization. For me, it's more like, "I USED TO be special--what happened?" I've heard that the 40s are good for that, though, so I'm looking forward to finding out about that. :)

Great list. You love some great things.