Wednesday, July 4, 2012

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I went to my first Favorite Things Party and I was a little nervous about it.  How do you pick out the same gift for 6 people?  But I decided to stay true to myself and get my honest to goodness favorite things that I wouldn't like to live without and that I use every day or every week.

1. Victoria's Secret Gorgeous Perfume and body Spray, I use it generously, daily, or several times a day.   My sister Kiran taught me how important fragrance was.
2. Bonnie Bell lip lights lip gloss, in cappuccino. It's light with a slight tint, I use it so much I keep it in my car.
3. See's Candy double (you heard me correctly DOUBLE) caramel chocolate. Don't mind if I do.
4. A See's Candy sucker.  When I just want to eat and eat candy, I pop in one of these to suppress the urge.

 Auri and I had the funnest time assembling, well that's an understatement.  You'd have thought she was filling stockings on Christmas Eve.  It's all of her favorite things, candy, lip gloss, perfume, and presents!  She was giddy.  Have I mentioned how much I love having a girl?

 This is the loot I came home with.
1. A fresh Basil plant, my house still smells good, I want to make brushetta.
2. Trader Joe's chocolate peanut butter chips, now I wanna make peanut butter cookies with them. And with that Trader Joe's Cocoa Batons, I love chocolate.
3. A summer cooking magazine with skewers and a Snapple
4. A cooking tool with a sexy black lace pair of socks.
5. A running headband.
6. A new pair of good NIKE running socks. LOVE, I am wearing them as I type, I may just become a sock snob because of them.

It was a good party. W ordered take-out from Panara, I made a homemade angel food cake with homemade lemon cream filling, another friend make Sprinkles chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.
What a way to kick off  the 4th of July.


Mark and Karen said...

What a great idea! I love your favorite things...I'm going out tomorrow to try a few. :)

jww said...

That sounds fun! I've never heard of a Favorite Things party, but I love the idea!! I love your favorite things. I need to keep more See's suckers in my house! And my FAVORITE tint/color of lip gloss is always something like mocha/toffee/cocoa/capuccino. NICE!!

Julia said...

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. That is not hyperbole, my friend!