Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day Hunt

Gumballs from Grandma

Because Valentines Day is pretty uneventful when compared to Christmas, we steal a tradition from Easter and have the kids hunt for theirt Valentine using the standard -you’re hot or cold rules. It works pretty well and the kids get a whole 20 minutes of fun. They don’t hunt for 20 minutes, we just make them go upstairs for about 10 so we can hide the gift.
The fun thing about holidays for me is seeing my kids get each other things. Sometime last week Spencer gave Warren a five dollar bill because he had been really good that day. This morning Spencer asked me what Warren ever did with the money, I said " I don’t know, he probably lost it." Later when I was helping Warren get ready for school I looked in his backpack and saw four one dollar bills. I said "Warren what is this money from." He said "I took my 5 to school to get Max a Valentine" I was so happy, it made me feel like a non-crappy Mom. It’s moments like this I have to remember.

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Maggie said...

That is soooo cute! I just read it to Will and we both went "awwwwww." You must be doing something right!!