Monday, February 23, 2009

Talking Auri and Crawling Auri

I know I wear this sweatshirt a lot, but in my defense, I have a U of Utah sweatshirt on underneath and it was really cold today.

On Sunday Auri began to crawl in church! We are so happy she can move by herself rather than cry every time I leave the room. So today I wanted to get her crawling on video. I put the camera on top of her Cabbage Patch Kid doll box and I am tapping on it and clapping for her to come to me, well I think I got her talking on video. Listen, at about second 20 I think she is saying "I get it". .


JAG said...

Grace looooovvvveeeddd the show and is now demanding to watch Auri again!!!!

JAG said...

We have now watched Auri's video over twenty times....and by we I mean Grace. "more auri"

Angie said...

She definitely said "I get it". That's hilarious.