Friday, March 6, 2009


I really don’t feel bad about not being able to have any more children, I really don’t. The one thing I do feel bad about is that my daughter will never know the joys and friendships of sisters. It is truly one of the most remarkable things in life to experience life with girls that have your same upbringing, background, parents and other siblings. My sisters are hilarious or as I like to say freaking hilarious! Luckily their girls have sisters and Auri has really cool brothers.


JAG said...

sister - loooovvvveeeed all the posts!

Boop said...

Hey Hillary, i hope it's o.k. i found your blog on Becky Lowder's blog. I have to agree on the sisters thing - my older sister is my best friend. She was up here 2 weeks ago and we had a blast!! Auri will be o.k., I love my 3 brothers too!