Friday, March 6, 2009

I have to begrudgingly admit that I have always disliked Arizona. I do not enjoy really hot weather, anything over 85 degrees is a little warm for me. Also, I have to confess I have an irrational fear of a water shortage. What if it is all gone, how will we wash, well anything, how will we drink? How will the plants stay green. I use water sparingly in my house it is almost weird. I try no to bathe the kids and do laundry on the same days (Luckily I have boys that don’t change their clothes 20 times a day, thus not that much laundry) I don’t leave the water running, I am happy when my kids start to take showers rather than baths, I take short showers, and I try to run my dishwasher every other day. I think this is why I didn’t want to live in Arizona. Well, I went to visit this past weekend, and it was awesome!
It was sunny and warm the whole time, the plants were unique, the people were happy and friendly, (not that they are not in Washington) but still great people. I could never get over my water shortage phobia though. While I was down there, I kept wondering, especially as we were passing malls, shopping centers and miles and miles of houses, where does all the water come from? Even when we were at the gas station and I was getting a fountain drink, I kept wondering, where is the water coming from? Nonetheless, I still consumed, and I like Arizona so much more than I did before I went.
We went for Kiran’s oldest daughter’s baptism. Savanna turned 8 in February and so Holly, my Mom and Dad and I all flew down to Arizona to see her get baptized. Leland and Denise drove in from California the next day. It was so much fun to be together again, although Will and Maggie were noticeably absent.

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Maggie said...

I really am sooo jealous ya'll got together! I was telling Will how much I wish I knew his sisters better. (And, you know, that I'd ever MET Holly!) You three are all so awesome and I can't wait to get a chance to know you over the years.