Saturday, July 25, 2009

60 is the new 50

For my Mom's 60th birthday she wanted to walk the entire 205 bridge. So on Thursday morning my Mom, Holly and a friend of my Mom's and I all went down to Oregon, parked by the Shari's restaurant and walked the entire bridge. It wasn't cold, in spite of the clouds but it was so noisy. The good news, we got honked at I think about 9 times. Still got it.

Every year on my Mom's birthday I make her fresh peach pie. That means the peaches aren't cooked. This year in the interest of travel, I made tarts.


Kiran said...

Well Hello Ladies! I feel like I was there. Except for the sad fact that I wasn't. You all look young, vibrant, and like skinny minnies. My favorite pic is the closer one of you Hooly and Mom.

Boop said...

That sounds like fun...Shannon goes on bike rides across the bridge almost every Saturday - I'm going to have to try it.