Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kiran came to town last week and didn't take enough pictures. Here are just some of the highlights.

This is Voodoo donuts. Have you been to this place, it is kind of crazy. Literally crazy, I wanted to take a photo of the tattooed, pierced, died, lady behind the counter but I wondered what she would do to the donuts if I did. At Voodoo donuts it looks like the employees came into the store that morning and looked around and said what do we have left over, o.k., that's what we'll put on the doughnuts.

Left over candy canes from the holidays.

Left over oreos.

I am not really a donut person, so I can't tell you if they were good or not, but it was worth the visit. Here is the left over breakfast cereal from that morning.

Holly, Kiran and I also went to a restaurant called East Burn. The girl on the far right is the author of the blog Have a cute Day. www.haveacuteday.blogspot.com

The russet and sweet potato fries. Yum

The potato cakes with chutney.

This is Kiran, my parents, and I at my favorite pizza place in Portland, it is called 360. This is Kiran's Birthday lunch.


Nathan and Sarah said...

I see so much of your Dad in Warren. Especially in the picture of your dad and Kiran!

JAG said...

Loved all the pics. You got way more than I did!

Where is 360?

Boop said...

You guys have too much fun. Will your parents adopt me so I can be a sister too?

Mark and Karen said...

Voodoo dohnuts was on the food network channel. It did look like crazy fun food.

I LOVE pizzeria 360. Soooooooo good!!!

Kiran said...

Lookat all these coments. I love the pictures and wish I could had 360 everyday. xoxo

Kiran said...

I could get used to all the fun we had that week thanks for making such a big deal out of my arrival.

jwise said...

I swear, you have so much fun! :) What a great time. And how lucky you are to have your family so close by. That's awesome.

(I haven't seen your blog forever! I can't believe Warren is 7! And Auri isn't a baby any more! WOW!)