Sunday, January 17, 2010

Warren turned 7

For Warren's Birthday we had a party for him on Monday night at my parents house with Holly and her kids and Kiran. Warren got some Club Penguin cards and a membership and some Wii games. Then on Thursday Kiran and I went to his school to take his class Krispy Kream donuts and later that night his Dad took he and Max to Big Al's to go bowling and to play games. When they got home we had another party with root beer floats and he got to open his gifts from Grandma Hansen and I.

It is difficult to believe that I am old enough to have a 7 year old. Warren is a great kid, He was born in January of 03. His due date was January 18th, but we went into the hospital on January12 on a Sunday night to be induced. They induced me on a Sunday night and he was born Tuesday morning. He weighed 8lbs, 12oz. It was a hard delivery and a hard pregnancy but he has been an easy kid.

Here are just a few of my favorite things about Warren.

1. He can memorize anything, scripture, commandments, names, you name it, if you just teach it to him a few times he can memorize it.

2. He is a teachers dream. He is quiet and well behaved in class and he gets frustrated with kids who don't follow the rules.
3. Parent Teacher Conferences are a blast for Spencer and I. I don't ever claim to be a mother of the year, but his parent teacher conferences make me feel like one. He gets stellar report cards. Spencer takes time off work to go to them and when we leave the school we are practically skipping and holding hands.
4. He tells me everything! He tells me who he sits by, what he liked about lunch, what happened on the bus, what iCarly was about, what is going on in the Tree house books, everything!

5. He is so nice to his baby sister. Once he even yelled at Max for taking a harsh tone with her.

OK. I have gushed on long enough.


JAG said...

I love Warren. WE are so thankful he was born! He lightens our life, even when he won't hug us.

Leila said...

I can't believe you have a 7 year old! You look way too good for that. :) Happy Birthday Warren!

Boop said...

Happy Birthday, Warren! By the way, no one should look that good in the hospital after giving birth.

Kiran said...

I loved and noticed all of these wonderful qualities about Warren. We passed a bus in your neighborhood and Dad said warren is that your bus? Warren said No, that was bus 117 mine is 114. It was in like a split second and he noticed the bus number. Way cool.

Kiran said...

You are one hot momma! I've kicked my butt all week wit the hopes of looking as good as you when we meet in May!!!!