Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon

With daylight savings we have been having a hard day. I think the kids are tired, they went to bed an hour later because we rented Where the Wild Things Are and then we had to get them up an hour early for church. So this afternoon, rather than listen to them argue and trash my the house, I decided to take them on a little nature walk. We walked around Lacamas Lake. It went pretty well. Here are just a few pictures. Happy Sunday.


kassie said...

Love the modely shots! I think Warren totally looks like your dad! Cuties.

jwise said...

We had a rough Sunday, too. I HATE the time change! UG. Back to getting up in the dark again, just when we got daylight! Anyway, what a great idea to walk around Lacamas Lake! GREAT photos!!

Kiran said...

not as highlarious as the bunny post. i think i was laughing too hard and forgot to leave a message. your boys are so freakin' cute. i bet warren wouldn't need to yell BUBBLE at me! ya I'm that good!