Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer wrap up

I can now check off number 8 on my summer list of things to do, which was to make molasses bread. I don't mind saying so myself, but it was AMAZING! I will defiantly make it again and again and probably into rolls around Thanksgiving so I can eat it with Turkey sandwiches.

I also added a number 11. Make Banoffii Pie, and I did it as a back to school treat for Max.

I didn't complete everything on my list but I got the gist of the list, which was to DO STUFF. Last Summer was just not fun at all for me, Auri was still an infant, I was tired all the time, and really struggling with my weight.

This is Auri Last summer.

And this is my fun happy beautiful child this summer!

She is so much more fun to hang out with.

She really wants to take the picture in this photo.

But this is what we did this summer, we cooked out little hearts out. We made dozens and dozens of cookies, literally, I got to the point where I would stop putting the cookie sheets away after I washed them, I'd just set them out to dry knowing I'd use them tomorrow.

Chocolate mint cookies

Snicker doodles, Warren's Favorite

Low-fat triple chocolate, my favorite.

Above is me last summer. I was about 15lbs heavier and dieting(I went on 4 different diets). I was crying a lot, seeing doctor after doctor, being tired and cranky all the time, not wanting to do anything and I was just wishing summer was over so I could start wearing sweatshirts again to hide my huge body. Below is me this summer, I can't honestly say how much weight I have lost because I still have a crippling paralyzing fear of the scale. I am just going by estimation. But I have lost my fear and loathing of food and as you can tell by all the baking I have been doing I have kind of turned into a foodie. I think loosing the stress from dieting helped me loose the weight.
I do love a good list, I have already started thinking about my fall list of things to do.


jww said...

Okay, I want to eat everything you baked. It all looks SO good!!! I have always thought you look gorgeous, so I didn't realize you'd lost weight, but I am SO happy for you!! Congratulations! I have read that stress is a big thing that keeps weight on, so I think you're probably right about how not being stressed about it really helped. And way to go on doing so much stuff this summer! Wa-hoo!! :)

Nathan and Sarah said...

You look amazing, but I have always thought that. I know it was a big stress for you. Congratulations!!!

JAG said...

loved your post....loved your cookies.

Abby said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and you can blog stalk me anytime! You are kind of all sorts of adorable too :)

I also want to eat everything you baked in this post.


Becky said...

I think basic blog etiquette should include that anytime you put up food pictures like those you need to also include the recipe.

And really, you are looking awesome. I'm so happy you've found some balance.

kassie said...

So intersesting that you posted this! I am currently trying to give up the stress of dieting...Im not there yet, I just cant let it go all the way but Im trying. Thanks 4 showing me you can look the way you want w/out torturing yourself. BTW dont you think the term foodie is gross...I want to think of something more chic like foodnista or something.

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

I might need to hang out with you a bit more so your non diet strategy can rub off on me! Your hair looks way too good all the time though and I'd always feel like a bum - seriously how long does it take you to do your hair - I need a lesson!