Monday, October 11, 2010

SPRINKLES, number 3 on my list of things to do

If you see me wearing only this shirt this fall, I do not apologize. It says Red Velvet on it and I got it at Sprinkles.

If you see me waisting away down to a gaunt skeletal frame I don't care. Nothing taste as good as the cupcakes at Sprinkles.

If I do not visit all the the other cupcake places on my fall to do list, why bother, they won't be as fun or taste as good as Sprinkles.

If you see me with a new pet, I may just have gotten it so I could name her Sprinkles.

Suffice it to say, I visited Sprinkles and it rocked my world.

Innocent, unknowing me before I went in, I wish I could tell you

to run because cupcakes and frosting will never be the same for you again.

apple spice, red velvet, black and white, strawberry, pumpkin, coconut,
and milk chocolate


Mark and Karen said...

Do I dare ask where this place is? And what a good looking group of women!!!

jww said...

How awesome!!! I'm glad it was so amazing. I do think it's funny to see all the skinniest women in the ward holding cupcakes. :)

Kiran said...

I bet stephan and damon wouldn't even be able to resist these...
Now I'm hungry!
Looks like a fantastic time :)

Becky said...

I'm glad mine looks like Amy is wearing a little cupcake hat. Can we still be friends if I think the best thing I ate on the trip was the Oatmeal brulee?

Andrea said...

Ok.. I am going to look into where this is now.. I have been dying to find cupcake places around this area..
Cute picture of you ladies! looks like you guys had fun!

kassie said...

I found one in Scottsdale!!! Cant wait to have my word rocked!