Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving highlights

First of all, I went to the salon got highlights and low lights and I have been attempting to straighten my hair, so that's new. Here are some photos of my new look, I didn't have the auto focus on at first, oops.

Here are the Thanksgiving highlights at my parents house. It was a great Thanksgiving. This is Spencer and my Dad reading.

Mom and I cooking.
One of my good friends made me these delicious rolls.I made pumpkin pie and brownies for dessert.Also one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, the Black Friday adds.
Auri messing around after dinner.

I have 2 Christmas trees up already, one left to go!


JAG said...

love the hair!!!

missed you guys!

Maggie said...

I'm all about the hair straightener. Kind of flip-flopping with you though...cause I want to try something different. How is it you style your luscious locks? Rollers? Curling iron? Round brush? Perhaps all three. Edumacate me Hillary.