Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Preview

Becky L and I have a Thanksgiving tradition. The day before we either do a kid swap or we get a sitter and do some shopping and the Saturday afterward we take each others family photo for a Christmas card. Here is just a preview of what we came up with for this years card. Our family decided to go with formal dress for several reasons:

A. I look awesome in black.
B. We were going to a baptism afterwards.
C. We had to take the photo on a Sunday because it rained on Saturday so the church clothes we out and ironed.
D. I didn't want to spring for new cute outfits, because I bought myself a new hair straightener,(it's all about my hair) as mentioned in the previous post, although I am too new to straightening my hair for the Christmas photo, maybe next year.

What the kids act like before the photo.

If I can crop out the no swimming sign behind Spencer's head I think I'll go with these.

P.S. If I you know I don't have your new address, please email it to me, I want to send you a Christmas card!!!


Nathan and Sarah said...

I am loving your hair this long! You guys look great as always!

JAG said...

absolutely love them. almost inspired to do that with the fam....but it looks like soooooooo much work. its making me sweat just thinking about it :)

kassie said...

These are great! What a cute fam!

jww said...

I love them!! Ask Justin Jackson to photoshop the "no swimming" sign out--he's great at photoshop. I feel the same way about black--it's awesome!

I don't know if you have my address... I'll message you on facebook.