Friday, December 3, 2010

4 weeks in the making and

All I can say is I'm glad it's DONE!!! and I'm pretty happy with the result although it helps when you have such low expectations. Here is just a summary of my time and dollar expenses, don't judge me, she is my first girl and last child.

-Black and white dress $25.00

-Red polka-dot dress $12.00 at Ross

I literally spent about 15 hours online looking for a red dress and went out to at least 5 different stores to look for a plain red shiny dress.

-Photos $56.00 at the Picture People, I did have a 6 sheets for $18 coupon.

-$.50 in quarters for Auri to put in the gumball machines.

I'll be much happier about it in 25 years from now.


Nathan and Sarah said...

They are beautiful!!!

Clay and Andrea said...

I LOVE the dresses she looks so cute! I hope I get one of these too! Her hair looks so cute too! :)

jww said...

So gorgeous! I don't think it'll take you 25 years to be happy about it. Give it about 1 year. I am all about stuff like this, though--and I feel the same way about journals and scrapbooks and all that. The moments are going to PASS. If it takes $10 in quarters for the gumball machine to get a beautiful smile on a 2-year-old who will never be 2 again, so be it! Spending 4 weeks preparing for this sounds totally right to me! No judging here!! :)

JAG said...

Worth the wait! Love them. I have a beautiful red wool coat with fur trim I need to get to you for Auri!

Becky said...

At least after all the effort the pictures turned out gorgeous, or as Mia Michaels would tell you gor-gious! I love the close up of Auri.