Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some things that make me smile

The world has got me down lately with all the stuff in the news, so I thought I'd post some of the things that put a little smile on my face.

First, McDonalds oatmeal. I go to McDonalds so infrequently, infact, only about 4 times a year, and even then only in dire straits, or for a large Diet Dr. Pepper on really sluggish days, so I was pretty delighted to learn that they serve oatmeal. I stopped there on Saturday to try it and it was pretty darn good! Better than anything I make and better than anything else they have on the menu, so YEA McDonalds, if you keep serving a Deit Dr. Pepper for $1.00 we still be friends.
My 3 new cookbooks came in the mail yesterday! Last week after a bad day with the kids I went to Boarders and read cookbooks for an hour. These are the 3 I liked the best so I purchased them off Amazon.com(because they are $40 cheaper). I love this book. It has over 400 recipes, mostly with photos and nutritional information.

I made so many cookies last year that I wanted to try my hand at cupcakes. I made a batch on Saturday and they didn't turn out great, so I'm glad I got this book, I have a lot to learn.

And, I can always learn how to make more cookie recipes.

And this is my what was I thinking moment. I always wear knee length skirts, but I thougtht I'd branch out and get a long skirt, I see other women wearing them and I think they look classy.... nice, but this was comical. When I look at these photos all I can think is:

-Where is the chain for my reading glasses?

-Should I organize my books in the Dewey decimal system?

-Did I turn in my application for the librarian position?

-Where are my 19 cats?

-Shouldn't I be wearing flats with insoles?

Seriously, what a funny skirt choice.


JAG said...

had the oatmeal the other day and it wasn't half bad.

as for the skirt....it's nothing a great belt, necklace and shoes couldn't handle.

jww said...

With all the librarian quotes, I could see what you were talking about in picture 1, but I think it's because your hair was up. With it down (picture 2) I didn't see "librarian" in it at all. I think you look gorgeous. And like the comment above, just add your stylish accessories, and you're set. The cookbooks look fun. I have Martha's cupcakes and haven't done any of them yet! The mini raspberry cheesecake ones looked yummy. And there's a crazy candied hazelnut thing that looked amazing. Post whatever you try!

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

It's cause you can't see your nice legs - you aren't the long skirt type are ya?!! I have a few things I bought trying to look a certain way and they never get worn! It looks cute on you but I'd put it with a less conservative top to make it more your style. As for the cookbooks - that's a good retreat - I just eat all the stuff in them when I'm feeling like that!