Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More than Christmas

As Pagan as it makes me sound, I like Valentines Day more than Christmas, and I like Halloween more than Valentines day, so you do the math for where Christmas falls on my list. But I just LOVE everything about Valentines Day! It is no secret that Spencer and I do not get each other Christmas gifts,... well, that's not how exactly how I would put it. I say to him, my gift to you this year is-you don't have to buy me a gift. You're welcome. But we celebrate the crap out of Valentines Day! I know most Moms think this is a holiday for their kids, but that's not how we roll. I buy my kids a $1.00 valentine, and the rest is spent on Spence and we go all out.

He gets me flowers, chocolates, takes me out to dinner, dessert, then takes me shopping, provided I haven't eaten so much and I can still fit into anything cute. But our Saturday night date was awesome. We went out to Twilight Pizza in Camas, then to Boarders Book store for an hour then to Whole Foods Bakery for dessert.

I am the official cookie baker for Warren's class, so this year I baked about 60 heart cookies. I loved it. I bought myself 4 new heart shaped cookie cutters.

As an added bonus, a friend of mine suggested we go downtown to the Pearl District to sample some Cupcake Jones cupcakes. I know said that nothing would compare to Sprinkles Cupcakes, but these were amazing!!!!! The Red Velvet felt like it was 2lbs and the chocolate peanut butter tasted like Halloween in my mouth. Why am I just discovering this place now?
Here is me, 3lbs lighter.

We ate all but 3 of these. And these are extra large cupcakes.
We walked up to this trendy coffee shop to eat the cupcakes, I felt like I was back in Manhattan.
I wanted to buy my mug, but they weren't for sale.

What's next, Easter?


jww said...

Wow, that all looks awesome. I love all the Valentine's Day pictures. If you're going to pick a holiday to go all-out for, I vote Valentine's Day!! That is fantastic. That cupcake place looks a-ma-zing!!! WOW!!!

Mark and Karen said...

Those cupcakes look devine!!! All the events sound really do know how to do Valentine's Day!

Mark and Karen said...

PS: That's a great bunch of ladies!

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

That really was fun - a new experience for me! I'm learning to savor foods more than I used to but I still like a good old Hershey Kiss! I like the shopping part of your Valentines Date ritual - could be one to mention to Nate!!!

Super Burbs said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous (and well deserved) Valentine's day!

I had to stop by and thank you profusely for the absolutely darling comment you left on my wedding video post. I was so completely touched. You are such a sweet soul - we need more of you in this world :)

Thanks for being you :)

Kiran said...

i'm in love with valentine's day all over again! you are so funny Hill, i love the post!

see ya christmas