Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sister's Slumber Party

This is what happens when my sisters Holly and Kiran and I get together for a slumber party.

1. We go shopping at The Good Will and Holly buys a $5.00 dress and puts it together with an awesome belt and has me try it on.

2. We stay up until 11 - midnight drinking tea, eating snacks, talking to our Mom and laughing.

3. We might go through some catalogs or old photo albums.

4. It's awesome until I realize that Kiran has to leave and I get sad.

I actually think Holly and I look alike in this photo.

Spence took this one of me.

Can't Idaho and Arizona trade places?


jww said...

How cool you can do that with your sisters & mom. I know what you mean--distance is a killer. :( Boo.

JAG said...

Did you have to post the pic of me and the pillow pet at bedtime...people are going to think i'm weird.... jk

Bet you had that dress now! you looked smok'n in it!

did you get the pic of me i sent you last night on the phone.... too dark?

Kiran said...

what a awesome weekend. thanks warren for bringing it all together! see you in april hill!!! make it happen :)