Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spence had some business to do in Seattle so I decided to tag along and take the kids to the Seattle Science Center, the Pike Place Market and swim at the hotel pool. Doing it by myself was pretty hard but worth it, at least to know that it's not really worth it to take my kids to museums yet.
This is us getting up really really early to take Spence to the University of Washington. My kids all time favorite thing to do, swim at hotel pools!

The Seattle Science Center

They couldn't stand the fish smell at the Pike Place Market,

they kept asking if they could wait in the car.

At least I tried.

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jww said...

I think it sounds fun. I love Seattle!! My kids are the same way about hotel pools. And I think you're BRAVE for doing it by yourself. I'm not so good at that. :)