Saturday, July 30, 2011

Number 5 on my Things to do List

Friday afternoon I went shooting! I know I said I wanted to learn how to shoot a .22, but the 9 just felt right;) It was amazing! It was exhilarating! I felt ALIVE! I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, then learn how to shoot a gun while riding a motorcycle;). I'm not the best shot, as you can see from the targets many of the bullet holes are in the black and many of the bullet holes are at the bottom of the paper. But all in all, it was better than hanging out at the park, the mall, or at home on a Friday afternoon.

My awesome Mom took all the great shots.


Becky said...

You look super sexy, like you should be on Charlie's Angels.

jww said...

Very awesome. I agree with Becky--definitely Charlie's Angels!

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

While riding a motorcycle huh?!! Awesome!