Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I'd do if I won

Warren at about 18 months.
There are so many things going on in my little life right now. Spencer and I are taking a trip to NYC and I can't find my battery charger for my NIKON camera. I started tearing apart closets and my office in an effort to look for it and this started a massive project. Which leads me to my next point.
Rachael D. and I stopped at the gas station on Friday and it was packed! Presumably to buy the power ball lottery tickets. I think the jackpot was over 300 million? I'm not really sure, I don't pay much attention to those things. But today, in my crowded office, just for a moment I found myself wishing I had won just so I could hire a professional organizer to come in and clean up my office. She would need to come with a dumpster in tow, and she'd be annoyed with me for about the first hour for hauling things around for 10 years that I haven't used once.
I'm a simple woman, in the past 3 years not once have I wanted a bigger house, a better car or nicer stuff. I have, however, wanted no house, to use less of my car and to get rid of over half my stuff.
So today I started in my office and what I have found is that I take too many photos. I have more than (no exaggeration) 50 photo albums. I have an album for each of my siblings weddings, every trip, college, and the kids, don't even get me started on the number of albums I have for the kids.
So these photos are some that I came across that made me smile today.

Holly's wedding in Laguna Beach, CA
Auri got Beauty and the Beast for her Birthday(more on the birthday later)
She has watched it once or twice a day ever since(Thank you Grandma Hansen, we love it!)
When it came out originally I was down in California with my grandmother (above) so every time I watch it and hear the songs I have vivid memories of her, her house, her yard, and all the things she used to take us to do in L.A.
I'd post photos of my office, but you'd think we were robbed.


JAG said...


Bri and I actually bought one of the lotto tickets?!?!? First time ever, felt kinda lucky..... but apparently am not :)

I had thoughts of what I would do too! I was going to give you a mill!

jww said...

Photos are the best things ever!!! They have this power to transport you back in time. Amazing.