Monday, September 3, 2012

One Last Trip before School

For Labor Day Weekend we decided to take one last trip to Seattle.  We went for several reasons. 

1. A couple weeks ago I asked the kids what their favorite event of the summer was.  Much to my dismay, their response was "The Village Vendor"  That's the 76 gas station that we go to so often they guy that works there knows me.  They have $.69 ice cream cones and penny candy.  How can you top that.  But still, that's all we did this summer.  Now, in my defence, we went to Disneyland right before school got out and when my kids gave me their answer they were in no way complaining.

2. Spencer and I talk about moving to the city a lot.  We LOVE the city.  Spence loves San Francisco and his weekends down there, we both love New York and L.A., so we wanted to see how the kids would do in the city.  For the most part they did great and for the most party they loved it. With the exception of the Pike Place Market.  They kind of hated it but who can blame them, it's crowded and touristy.  When I went to New York I avoided Time Square for the same reasons. 


I could spend a week in City Museums.  We loved the Aquarium! So kid friendly.

I love Auri's face in this photo.

The Star of the Show, the Sharks.

This is what Warren looked like walking around in the city, he walked about 5 steps ahead of us, knowing where he was going the whole time, not afraid of anything. I think we are city people. 

The view of Seattle from our hotel room.  The highlight of the trip for the kids was the hotel pool.  

Pike Place Market Doughnuts

This picture really nails it.  This is how Warren felt about the Pike Place Market

A short walk on the Board Walk.

I loved Seattle!


JAG said...

very dissapointed there are not more pictures of the other convention tourists :)

jww said...

I love Seattle! Great pictures. What a fun trip.