Monday, April 13, 2009

Anderson Women

Holidays always make me sentimental and reminiscent. This past Easter Sunday I was trying to focus on the Resurrection while my kids were on a sugar high, and I couldn’t help but think about my Gram. Truly one of the coolest ladies I know. People have described my sisters and I as kind of feisty and strong and opinionated, well it all comes from this woman. So on Saturday night I got out one of the few things I have of hers, a red cake stand. I baked a carrot cake to take to Holly’s house and carried it proudly on the stand. When I got to Holly’s house, she opened the door looking stylish as usual (me in jeans and a sweatshirt) and I commented on her gorgeous sweater and she said it was Grams. That made me feel good. Good that my sister can pull off wearing a sweater that is possibly 30 years old and good that we had 2 things at our Easter dinner that were in the presence of my Grandmother Anderson.

(Me and Gram at the Crab Cooker inNewport Beach, CA when I was about 23)

On to other great Anderson women. My Mom created a treasure hunt for the kids rather than the traditional egg hunt this year. It went over quite well, the kids were absolutely giddy about it. And not to sound too sentimental, but my Mom made lemon bars for dessert which always remind me of my Grandmother Brownfield, who is my Mom’s Mom. Whenever we would go to Boise for our little summer vacation she would have those there for us, along with frozen cherries, cranberry juice and homemade bread in the shape of turtles, which we would get to make with her. This is what I love about holidays and my religion, it brings into my mind a clear memory of these people.

Dad bought us new sweatshirts for Easter this year.

The kids getting ready for the treasure hunt


JAG said...

what a great post. i had forgotten about the bread turtles. we are so fortunate.

Boop said...

and you said you weren't sentimental :)