Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Photos taken about 2 years ago, I was almost 10lbs lighter.

So I see that on a few of my friends blogs they have there weight loss goals, I thought that was a great idea and a great way to get leverage on yourself. So I thought I'd copy my friends and post my weight goals, here is goes, along with my pride.

Goal weight 130

Weigh in Wednesday April 8th __________ Friday April 10th _________________
April 15th _________ Friday April 17th _________________
April 22th _________ Friday April 24th _________________
April 29th __________ Friday May 1st

To Do:
Breakfast 8a.m. no sugar
Snack - 10:00am yogurt or cottage cheese no sugar
Lunch - 12:00 corn (meatless) dog, or tuna sandwich, veggies, fruit
1 piece of candy(dark chocolate dove or a small York Peppermint Patty)
Snack -3:00 apple, or mango, gram crackers, or fiber crackers
Dinner - 5:30meat(smaller than my palm) and veggies,
1 piece of candy.

To Do: 45 minutes cardio a day 5 days a week
200 sit ups a week
200 push ups a week
stretch 3 times a week.

Free-Bees - Easter Sunday (no workout, no food restrictions)
- Lunch out with friends April 22nd.


JAG said...

Sorry to tell you this....or not. But you look just like that now!!!

Boop said...

What the heck? Hillary, you look great. If you want to change your diet for health reasons, go for it. But remember, my sister and I both think you're gorgeous :)

Mark and Karen said...

You will always be one hot mama! I'll be sending healthy, skinny vibes your way.

And yes, having your goal in your face as well as where family and friends can see it really does push you a little bit harder.

Becky said...

You look awesome!

Do you think they make one of those counter things that goes up instead of down? My current weight goal is to not break 200 lbs. Although I'm so stinking close part of me is tempted to just do it.

I really need to get some fatter friends. :)