Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have I mentioned that Grandma Hansen loves birthdays? These are just a few of Auri's birthday gifts. The Tinker Bell is from me and the "Big Baby" is from my Mom and the rest are from Grandma Hansen. She really liked all her toys, although I don't really think she got what was going on. They boys loved watching her open them.

Grandpa Anderson helping Auri with all the gifts.
This is after she has been washed down from eating her cake.

Auri eathing her pinkalicious cake

Pinkalicous cake


JAG said...

Could this child look any moore like you as a child???

Kiran said...

LOve it> Thanks for so may cute pictures. Seriously could these three kiddies be any more charming. I kove the pics of Aurie and her SWAG, Is that the doll mom bought.