Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Andrea's Wedding

My Mother-in-law has this hidden talent of finding all things that match. She will go to great unstoppable lengths to find things that match. Her efforts and talents were put to good use for this beautiful wedding. I seriously think she should go into business. Everything for this wedding matched and it looked spectacular! My little Aurie's bracelet matched the cake, the candy on the tables matched the flowers that hung from the windows. My husband's shirt matched the table runners. Seriously, it is an impressive task that this woman undertakes just to match. Look at the photos and see for yourselves. The table centerpieces match my boys suspenders. I wish I had the attention to detail that she has.

Clay and Andrea dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

By the way, Carla and Andrea gave me those flower balls
they now sit proudly on my fireplace mantel.

The cookies that match the M&M's that match the ribbon on the cake that
match the men's shirts.

All the red candy she found. In person it was much more beautiful and it made the kids giddy with joy to walk in and see this table. It had Swedish fish, M&M's, taffy, only red gummy bears, white chocolate with red speckles in them. It was really cool.

This is what you saw when you first walked in the house.

Andrea right before the wedding.

Spence and I before the wedding.

I love this photo, I wish I was in it, but it is still really cool. Did you notice that Auri's shoes match the boys suspenders, (Carla also purchased the shoes)

Warren having some fun.

Max having some fun.

They look so mischievous, like they are up to something.

Spencer's Dad watching all the kids while we were getting our photo taken.

The wedding party.

Carter, Angie, Andrea, Spencer and Derek

Max having some fun with Aurie

The flowers that Carla made that now sit on my fireplace.

The hall she got married in.

The house she got married in.


JAG said...

What beautiful pics, Great color scheme and even cute kids! I just love them!

Boop said...

That is probably the coolest wedding cake I have ever seen. I love the color scheme. What a nice occasion to take cute pictures of your kids!