Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cool cool Moms

My Mom holding Kiran, Leland on the left, then Holly, then me. I think we lived in Maryland at the time this was taken and we are standing in front of popcorn popping on the apricot tree
In this photo: my sister-in-law Hailee Hansen, Angie Hansen, my Mother in law Carla Hansen, me, Andrea Hansen and my sister-in-law Amy Hansen. This was taken at the Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas the night before Carter and Hailee were married.

Other Moms I love. Kiran and Holly. This was taken about 5 years ago at a pumpkin patch.


Maggie said...

thanks alot jerk! -from william (hillary's youngest brother *picture not shown)

Boop said...

I grew up in Maryland, too! We moved West when I was in the fourth grade. It's nice you are surrounded by such great moms.

JAG said...

Where do you find those old pics? I loved your post!!

Happy Mother's Day to a Mom that I look up to - more than you will ever know.

JAG said...

ps - I love Rug's pumkin, velor v-neck sweater!! priceless