Monday, May 18, 2009

Lincoln City Beach Weekend

For Mothers Day Spencer got me a beach getaway with my sisters. Generally my motto is "low expectations is the key to happiness", and this weekend proved my motto to be worthy of being repeated. I was expecting just a quiet weekend with lots of sleep and relaxation and to maybe stop at the outlets. However, thanks to some enthusiasm from Holly and Kiran, this weekend was the most fun I have had in a long long time. It included many restaurants, shops, walks on the beach, cafes, fudge, uno, the outlet stores and the movie Star Trek. Good times.

We started the weekend off with lunch at Sage Cafe in McMinville, OR. It was awesome.

We went to several little boutiques and shops and bought jewelery and accessories.

Kiran outside of SAGE

One of the boutiques where I got 2 necklaces.

Where we stopped for a little ice-cream, I got the no sugar added, low-fat cherry. It was divine.

This is a little cafe with live music in Lincoln City. It was across the street from our beach house. Here we are getting smoothies and tea for breakfast.

Holly and I waiting for our order.

This is me smelling the coffee. Yes, in spite of the fact that I don't drink it, I love the smell.

We asked a nice stranger to take a photo of all three of us. I love nice strangers.

Me stretching before our morning walk on the beach.

Kiran and I taking a break from our walk. Holly could have walked on the beach for hours.

Another nice stranger took this one.

Kiran waiting to go shopping.

Holly waiting to go.

Me, I wish I had a tan. I think it would make me look 5 years younger (in the short term)

Holly showing me how to wear a scarf. This is at the end of the day. The sunset was beautiful.

Holly and I had an Uno championship. In spite of what she says, I won.

Me in my new scarf.


Mark and Karen said...

Sounds like a blast. You're looking great btw.

Boop said...

I saw your new scarf at "Pig and Pancake." I think you may have had much more fun than we did, but it was a kick seeing you guys there. I'm glad I got to meet your sisters and I'm glad you had such a great time with them. The bishop will be relieved to know that you are doing so well :)

Kiran said...

Its true, I think we exceeded Hillary's low expectations of this beach weekend.

-Kirk Out-