Friday, August 14, 2009

Hanging out with Maggie and Will


They don't have their cable hooked up yet,
so this is what we watched the whole time I was there.

View from their living room.

Sometimes when I think back to when I was in collage, all I can think about it studying and tests. I still get a happy feeling on Sunday night knowing that I can read what I want and relax rather than study for a Monday morning exam or edit a paper. But visiting Will this weekend made me miss college a little bit. Will and Maggie live a block north of the temple in an apartment that overlooks the valley and the capitol building. They are relatively care free, have a really good time with friends and seem so relaxed about life. It made me miss being 25.


Maggie said...

It was really fun to see you Hill. come back anytime! I'll even have someone who knows where the airport is drop you off for your flight :)

Kiran said...

I am so jealous i wasn't there. I feel like the whole time you guys were like...ha ha everyone is missing out and we are having so much fun without them.
Is that immagination or reality?

jwise said...

I know what you mean. College was stressful in its own right (studying, tests, etc.) but way easier than what I'm doing now!! I do actually miss college a lot!! And I miss being 20, too.