Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Christmas Ever!

I don't know if it is just because I had such low expectations or what, but Christmas was AWESOME!! Here are just a few highlights.
-I expected my kids to be disappointed with what they got - they weren't, they were thrilled, (thank you grandparents)
-I expected my kids to fight a little on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, - they didn't, they were a delight
-I expected my kids to wake up at 5:30 Christmas morning- They slept in until 7.
-I expected to be stressed out about the mess and wonder where I was going to put everything,-I got 3 cupboards cleaned out, and a box ready to take to the D.I. and Saturday morning everyone pitched in and helped clean, it was actually kind of fun.
-We found out that Kiran is coming up in 2 weeks, YEA, I love Kiran.
And now, Spencer has a whole week off. YEA, Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Christmas Eve at my parents. Warren and my Dad playing chess.

My Mom's Christmas village

My Mom's "Christmas tree"

My Mom's Christmas table

New Christmas Eve pajamas.

Making cookies for Santa.

I think this was the only time one of my kids cried for 2 days.

On Christmas Eve my Dad reads the Nativity Story while the kids play with the pieces.

AFTER, actually after round 1 of cleaning.

Warren "helping" Max open

Auri's favorite gift.

Auri's other favorite gift. All gifts that she opened after this one, she didn't play with. She just put it in the cart and walked in circles for the rest of the morning.

My favorite Christmas sticky buns.

After, when you flip them over.

Warren's gift from Aunt Angie

Max's gift from Angie
Warren's favorite gift from Grandma
Max's new light bright, from Grandma

Dinner at my parents house with the cousins.

Opening gifts with my Mom and Dad.
The aftermath.
Max got a lot of Ben 10 stuff this year.

My Mom with the kids

Me and Holly at the end of the night. What a great Christmas.


Kiran said...

I am so with you! This Christmas ROcked!!! Your kids are adorable, I could just eat them up!

JAG said...

From the beach cabin on brian's work labtop....

Loved your post and pics!

Can't wait to all be together soon.

It was a great Christmas!