Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Decor

Auri's Christmas dress. I have a little spot in her room where I hang all her "pretties" as we call them. This is our latest fave.

Auri's Christmas tree. Cousin Grace and Avery have the same one.

I changed out all the flowers in my vases from red to blue and silver.
Some of my favorite ornaments on my blue and silver tree.

It's not the best picture of my tree, but you get the point.

Some of our favorite Christmas books.

I should have put a strand of lights in the hurricane. There is still time.

Some of our favorite Christmas movies. Just for the record, I particularly enjoy Charlie Brown's Christmas, Micky's Twice upon a Christmas, and Micky's Christmas Carol.

It is a little bland and the size of the topiaries are off, but it gets the job done.
I need to add another tree in here.

The stockings were hung by the mirror with care.


JAG said...

Love it all!!! Your dining room wall is my fave! Take a picture of the presents on the ledge in the living room....want to see those better. Good idea on the mirror and the stockings though.

Shannon said...

Very Festive Hill!

Kiran said...

I remember those red balls! (sweet)! Your house makes mine look like the dollar store. Like I said to Holly, next year when I turn billionaire, youn two are coming to decorate for me!