Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost....., the story of my life.

When I was in high school I was almost a good student.
-I worked really hard to get B's, an A was a phenomenon.

I am almost thin.
- I have 10lbs to go before i can consider myself a thin person, I'm not saying I'm a fatty, I just not thin.

I almost eat healthy.
-I try to get my 5 daily fruits and veggies, never eat white refined carbs, and eat lots of beans and eggs for protein, but for the life of me I can't give up my dark chocolate mixed with some kind of baked ginger goodie.

I am almost good at my past callings.
-I did an adequate job at teaching with good attendance at my lessons, but after each lesson I had a nagging suspicion that offended someone or misspoke.

My house is almost clean.
-If you come into my entry way, it's not too bad, the dishes are usually done, and most days the beds get made just don't creep upstairs and look in anywhere else, and for the love, please don't look closely at the carpet!

I am almost spiritual.
-I love the scriptures, read them frequently, love Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith dearly, attend church regularly, but I can't shake the habit of casual swearing, I can't stop listening to rap music, I can't stop drinking diet soda and I stop dead in my tracks whenever a vampire or Zack Effron is on television, I can't help myself, I just get lost in their eyes.

My point is NOT to get you to post compliments!!! Please do not, I am not a
"fisher of compliments", it is this... At what point does the good compensate for the not so good, is there a grand scale? Does everyone feel slightly inadequate in most areas, most people don't care about it as much as I do?
The other day on the radio I heard the d.j's playing a clip from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot. They recorded the models response to the photo shopped photos and they were genuinely surprised that they looked good, I'm serious, genuinely surprised. So I guess we are all insecure in a lot of ways, some of us just hide it better and some of us, like me, wear it on their blogs....Is this post, as Simon calls it, "a bit indulgent"? I am going downtown tomorrow, I'll post more interesting things tomorrow.


Kiran said...

i getcha loud and clear, am i a total piggybacker if i say i am those things too??? you my sista, get the credit for writing them first :)
so much love

jwise said...

Well, I personally think that inadequacies abound. Some people hide them better than others, some people are ashamed/proud of them more than others, but everyone has them pretty much all the time as far as I can tell. I heard in some class one time that since Christ is perfect, and you're not, his perfection will make up the difference every time. It's like his 100 + your 0 = 100. (If that makes sense.) So if you just make sure you're with Him, you'll be fine. :)

kassie said...

Keepin it real!!! We have the privelidge(?) of living a "well examined life". Were thinkers that grow and change and feel bad about stuff all or some of the time! Im in the same boat w/you! Have you read the seriously so blessed blog? Its sooooo funny..your blog is seriously so real and great just like you! (Sorry about the compliment, I couldnt help myself)

BizanBandit said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a cougar crush on Zac Effron. This is Meg not Michael.