Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday in Portland

Spence was gone a few days this past week, so my Mom graciously offered to give me the day off. She came over and watched the kids while Becky L and I went to Portland for a little lunch, art media and an AMAZING chocolate store. Happy Friday to me!

Becky L has this hidden talent of mat cutting. She can frame her own photos and art work if she has the frame and this is the store where she gets all her mats. It is a really neat store.

Just one section of mats.

Becky and Sam browsing.

I got Max a new poster. We have been hanging the alphabet up to help him learn his letters a little better. I thought this was a cute poster.

We had lunch at Papa Haydns.
People stop Becky ever where she goes to comment on how cute Sam is.

The Chocolate store we visited.

This is what I got, dark chocolate syrup. It says "chocolate topping" on the label, I don't know why, you don't need to put it on anything, just grab a spoon.
I also got a few caramels.

The samples.

The bill. I think it is how much we spent on lunch.
Thanks for going Becky and showing me the chocolate place.
Have a good weekend.


gleenn said...

wow, looks like so much fun. i love all the photos, especially the food. haha!

we have a giveaway contest going. join us for a chance to win a fancy accessory :)

have a great weekend!

Heidi Jean said...

I'm so jealous! I love lunchtime outings to PDX-looks like you two had a great time. Life south of the border is muy bueno. We had an end-of-the-mission dinner party last night that you would have loved. I'll fill you in on the details over chocolate and caramel at Cacao.

Kiran said...

Becky. i love hidden talents, mine would be (putting cranky old people in there place) jk...
hill, someone looks like they've joined me on the no shuug diet. you look great. as does Mr. Sam

jwise said...

HOW FUN!!! What VERY cool places! I love all the pictures you took--it was like being there with you. :)

Becky said...

In addition to being a great friend, you are a really good photographer. Love the pictures!