Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not another hair post, sorry, it's the only thing I got going on right now and I don't like it when people don't update their blogs!

FACT: I am a natural brunette.
FACT: I look better as a blond.
FACT: It is an arduous, painstaking, expensive task to maintain fake blond hair.
FACT: It is worth every penny.

Dirty Little Secret: I do my own roots and it only costs $7.99.

DETAILS: I can't afford to go to a salon every time those dark brown (or lets be honest, BLACK and sometimes grey) hairs start poking there way through my gobs of hair, so I go to the drug store and pick up a box of Loreal 9 1/2 A ash blond hair color. It takes about 20 minutes and puts off my salon trip an extra 2 months.


After, soooo much better!

A close up of before and after.


JAG said...

Your hair is looking amazing these days! And as I age.....I am constantly astonished at your lack of wrinkles on your forhead! Aren't you the one who lived in Hawaii??

PS - never too many hair posts. i would follow a blog called "have a good hair day"!

Becky said...

Wow, I'm impressed! every time I've tried to do my own hair it's been a disaster.

Now I'll go update my blog. :)

jwise said...

I about laughed at your blog post title. You're so funny. I'm impressed you do your own roots! I should do that, but I'm too scared.

Meg Asay said...

Worth every penny.