Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer List

Every summer I have my standard list of things to do and then I try to add some new things. I try to read a classic book, go to a museum, bake a bunch of goodies and spend time in the sun. I'm trying hard to come up with some new good stuff but I seem to be falling short. Help me out a little. Kiran is coming up and all I can think about is hanging out with my sisters.

The classic I picked out to read is Little House on the Prairie. I thought it would be great, my 8 year old and I could read it together, I liked the show when I was a kid, but I have to admit, I couldn't get past the first 3 chapters. I kept thinking "I am waisting precious magazine time on this drivel, I could be finding out what is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen, and I am sitting here reading this Ma and Pa crap." Maybe there is something wrong with me. I did however, stumble upon this little gem, it is about the history of Malaria and after finishing a book about Polio a couple of months ago, I have to admit I love reading about infectious disease!

So this is my Summer List of thing to do:

1. Read FEVER How Malaria has ruled mankind for 500,000 years.

2. Take a trip to San Fransisco with Spencer.

3. See if San Fransisco has a good cupcake shop.

4. Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which is currently exhibiting Matisse, Picasso and an Avant Garde Collection.

5. Learn how to fire a 22 simi automatic handgun.

My list is pretty short, so if you think of anything good to do, let me know.

Cottonwood Beach underwater

This is the movie theater where I hope to spend a lot of summer afternoons. That is until the Smurf's come, then I will pay full price. I can't wait to see that. We still watch Season 1 on DVD all the time.


Mark and Karen said...

The Little House series IS hard to get through! I started reading it to Carley and Lauren and we both got bored with it. We stuck through the first book hoping that the second would be different and better but it wasn't and we stopped.

Check out kidsbowlfree.com or something like that. Kids can bowl 2 free games a day on weekdays. This is only at hazeldell.

Set up a tent in the backyard for some "at home" camping.

Go see Les Mes in August. (I really want to do this and hope it is in the budget).

That's all I can think of right now. :-)

Becky said...

I wish you would add "Podcast bi-weekly" to your summer list. Maybe once a month you could spotlight an international charity that's doing something cool if you don't want it to always be a debatable topic.

I am adding "Eat at the Portland Street Vendors" to mine if you want to come. :)

kassie said...

Same story with little house. What a snoozer! The only thing on my summer list this year is surviving! This pregnancy is making some waves and their not fun ones you can ride :) Heres to summer anyway!

jww said...

That sounds like a great list. I have to admit, I've never been interested in "Little House," but I also HAVE to be in the mood for a particular book or I can't finish it. So definitely find one you enjoy! "Fever" sounds interesting. You always have a great summer list. The art museum in San Fransisco will be awesome. Make sure while you're there that you go to the Palace of the Legion of Honor, too. It was one of my favorite places. They have a big Rodin sculpture out in the front ("The Thinker") and the whole museum is great itself, plus the location and view can't be beat. So gorgeous. Just make sure you blog about your adventures--I'd love to see it! :)