Monday, June 13, 2011

"Each Night Before You Go To Bed My Baby"

I loved being surprised, especially by my kids. Max usually surprises my by bringing me things from outside, (i.e. flowers, grass, even rocks) Auri surprises me when she tells me she likes a song on the radio,... I didn't know she was paying attention. But the other day, this one came out of the blue.

I have 1 very strict, unmovable, non-negotiable rule in my house-BEDTIME. It sounds harsh, but trust me it is for their own safety and so they don't see me turn into a demon/crazy woman, however, that said, I provide each of them with a reading light, plenty of books and I say they can stay up as late as they want in in their own beds as long as they are quietly reading. Well, Warren took this one step further.

He felt like his reading light wasn't getting the job done, so he turned his pillow around and moved his bedside table so it was closer to the hallway so he could read late into the night. I thought it was awesome. I love it when my kids surprise me.


jww said...

I'm totally strict on bedtime, too. It just cannot be negotiated. I am DONE by that time, and that's the end of it. So I totally get this. I love the reading idea, and I LOVE Warren's little switcheroo. That is awesome. I have 3 readers now, and it's the BEST!

Kiran said...

i heart bedtime! its when i become fun the good ole' days in the condo in slc.

Maren said...

Love your post. Love you too. Bet you are an awesome mom.
crazy what we do for our kids. Josh wants to raise bee's so guess what I am researching now? Looks like we'll be having hives soon. totally understand the bedtime thing too.