Monday, August 8, 2011

Number 2 on my Summer List of things to Do

I went to San Francisco with Spencer this past weekend and it was AWESOME! I couldn't blog about it all in one post because I took about 100 photos, so I thought I'd blog about it according to the events that took place. This was one of my favorites.

I (all alone I might add) walked from my hotel, past China Town, through Little Italy, and into Fisherman's Warf to rent a bike. Then I biked all the way over to The Golden Gate Bridge, which was about 6 miles, then across the bridge, which was about 2 miles, and into Sausalito, another 2 miles. Along my journey I met a lovely couple from Boston who wanted go go out to lunch, so we enjoyed a wonderful little lunch on the water over looking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. After lunch we took the ferry back over to San Fran and I returned my bike and walked another mile back to my hotel. It was a great day. I am proud of myself for doing it and mostly by myself. Later that night I laid in bed, ate cake and watched a Zack Efron movie all by myself, until Spence came back at 10:30 and we went out with his Wharton friends.

Do I look like I just walked 6 miles mostly uphill, then biked 9? Because I did.


The quaint town of Sausalito.

My biking friends from Boston that I went to lunch with.


JAG said...


jww said...

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE San Fransisco. What a really amazing day. Beautiful pictures. And WTG with biking and all that all by yourself. I would be way too chicken to do that.

Mark and Karen said...

I'm not worthy!

Seriously though, you are amazing. It's sounds like such a fun adventure and it totally brought me back to my trip there. I didn't bike but I do remember walking those hills.

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

Awesome! I love that city! I had a couple trade shows I did there back when I worked. We got to eat out at the best restaurants and totally enjoy it all for free!!! Wasn't landing at the airport there cool - I remember thinking we're going in the water for sure!