Thursday, October 22, 2009

Child Protective Services

a photo of cleaner days

You know those days when if Child Protective Services were to do door to door rounds, you know they would take one look at your house and then take your kids on the spot? Well, today is one of those days. Not one of my bathrooms is clean, (thank you little boys with no aim) (gross by the way I know, but I really think it falls upon the Man of the House to take the boys and show them how to clean it up themselves, or at least show them how to aim), most of the beds are not made, there are leggos all over the play room floor and a nice trail out to the hallway, there are dvds everywhere, because in my house it would practically be illegal to put the dvd back into its original case. There are piles of laundry that the poor put upon laundry basket cannot compete with, the recycling bins are suffering from the same condition. My work-out gear is begging to be washed for a power workout tomorrow and I am pretty sure the spider who keeps building webs in my living room is our new family pet, still cleaner than a dog right?

Please Child Protective Services do NOT STOP BY TODAY!


Kiran said...

yep, still cleaner than a dog. my workout videoes came and before you begin it recomends a 2 day fast with herbal tea, and pure juice. that's saturday and sunday. monday i start.

Nathan and Sarah said...

Cleaning seems like a never ending chore. When I fall behind I find it so daunting to catch up. Seeing your kitchen makes me really miss sitting there talking with you!

Becky said...

Anytime you want to feel better about your jean size, the cleanliness of your bathroom, or the undone laundry feel free to come on over and take a look around. I think you'll feel much better about yourself after.

Boop said...

2 weeks ago, Child Protective Services did remove my brother's kids from the home for 48 hours. I know you are joking, but I've seen my brother's house - you have nothing to worry about. We all wonder how he grew up in the same house that we did.