Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

Max, Auri and I busted out out Halloween decorations today. I think it was like Christmas for Max. You should have seen him opening the boxes, trying on old costumes, going through the movies and books. I love this Holiday. If the decorations at Target were more reasonably priced I'd have my whole house decorated. I feel like that at Target a lot lately. The things that are priced $14.99 really should be $8.99. Is it just me or has that place gotten more expensive over the past couple of years. Maybe it is just that I now live close to a Walmart and Winco and by comparison everything seems expensive. I get sticker shock when I go to the mall.

This is my pumpkin collection.
My Mother in law gets me a pumpkin every year for my birthday.

These are our Halloween movies. I have to keep them hidden in a box year-round otherwise they would be so scratched by the time Halloween rolled around.

Some of our favorite Halloween books.

Gourds for my dining room table.

My "spooky tree" as Max affectionately calls it. This is where I wish I could afford target stuff. Today I saw more houses, but for the bargain price of 19.99, 14.99 and 10.99, so let me get this straight that is basically 50 bucks for a couple houses that I only get to see one month out of the year. Do you ever ask yourself this
I'll know I've made it when I can______________________________
Here are some of my answers---when I have a driveway that you don't have to back up in, you can just go around in a circle. I think they are called train station driveways, or something like that.
---when I can make my dental decisions based on what I want not on what I can afford.
---when I don't have to let my hair grow a full inch before I get to a salon.
---when I can buy all the Halloween decorations I want.

This is my Walmart house that I bought for 2.99. That is what I want to pay for a
"spooky house"


Mark and Karen said...

Loooove it! I especially like how good the orange looks against your blue walls. I'm into those colors lately.

The best part...not having to put on the ward party, am I right? ha ha

JAG said...

Completely concur on all your observations!!

I love all your pumpkins on your mantel!

When we knew Cheryl, I used to always think, "I'll have made it when I can shop at Ann Taylor!".

ps got a fb message from Don Marbut today....

Becky said...

I think that is an excellent question to ask. I read this post earlier and have been thinking about it this afternoon. So now, since the kids are in bed, you're going to get a lengthy response.

You know how I feel about housecleaning, and what my house looks like on a typical day. So one would think I would be thrilled when I found someone to clean my house for $15/hr. However, the entire time she was here I kept thinking for the same amount I could hire a babysitter for 3 hours, clean my own dang house for 1 hour and still have 2 hours to myself to do what I want.

So I will feel like I've made it when my time is worth more than it would cost to have someone clean my house. Right now, my time is pretty cheap (and my house pretty dirty).

And that is why I love your quote about doing unimportant things well does not make them important. Maybe I should put that up in my entry way as I kind of take-me or leave-me kind of statement.

Nathan and Sarah said...

SO cute! I agree with you on target. It does seem like its getting out of control!
I have always felt that I will have made it when I dont have to think about how much a box of cereal is. I think I will always be a bargain shopper, but if its not on sale that week, I still want to be able to get it.